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Quiksilver has grown to be the most recognized global giant in boardshorts fashion apparel and accessories since 1970s, grounded upon our philosophy of youthfulness. As a leading global apparel brand, Quiksilver has brought the world a lifestyle message of boardriding: independence, creativity, and innovation. Quiksilver provides the energetic youth with sporty apparel, footwear, and accessories.

In 2003, Glorious Sun Enterprises formed “Quiksilver Glorious Sun”, a partnership with Quiksilver, to promote the brand in Mainland China and Hong Kong and Macau. Currently, around 7 Quiksilver stores are opened across China and Hong Kong.

Brand character

Creative, confident, fun, progressive and an adventurous spirit make up Quiksilver's personality
Innovation is at the heart of Quiksilver products
Originating from the boardriding culture of California, Quiksilver's American fashion style makes it highly popular among young people

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