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Property Development & Investment

Glorious Sun Group began investing in property during the real estate market downturn in 1985. Starting from property leasing, the group has now built strong competence in planning, land bidding, construction, leasing and sales, and property management. The Group currently holds a number of commercial, industrial and residential buildings in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Australia, Canada and United States for leasing purpose.


Hong Kong
  • One Peking
  • One Kowloon
  • Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon CBD2
  • Chi Shing Industrial Building
  • Tak Sing Industrial Building
Mainland China
  • Glorious Sun China Headquarters
  • City Garden, Huizhou
New York
  • 505 Park Avenue, Blue Hill Plaza and Worldwide Plaza
  • Woodcrest Apartments, Gallery Apartments and Woodglen Apartments
  • Lochmoore Shore
  • Exhibition Plaza
  • Sarkies Mansion and Sarkies Garden