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The evolution of the Glorious Sun Group is a story of innovation and forward vision. The group has undergone 4 transformations that brought about its success today.

firstTransformation: Shifting of production base from Hong Kong to overseas
secondTransformation: Shifting from a manufacture-based to a trade-driven company
thirdTransformation: Changing the trade arm into a retail-focused business
fourthTransformation: Evolving from a labour-intensive manufacturer to an enterprise focusing on capital investment and capital management, with the development of property and financial investment operations

Important milestones

Before 1996

Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd was formerly a small denim jeans factory. Driven by a "can-do" spirit and a team of passionate staff, the factory completed a line of checkered jeans in the early 1970's, which made Glorious Sun a new star in the garment industry. In late 70's, Glorious Sun set up manufacture bases in overseas and Mainland China. In 1990, it took 100% ownership over Australian fashion brand "Jeanswest" and entered the China retail market in 1993.


Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited (stock code: 00393) was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, with a record-breaking over-subscription of 236 times


Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited has been awarded the Overall Winner in the 1999 HKMA Quality Award organized by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA).


Launched the "MoFeel" brand targeting the teenage market


Began collaboration with US-listed surf wear leader Quiksilver Inc. with joint venture company "Quiksilver Glorious Sun"


The Group's self-owned Huizhou headquaters was completed. The 15-storey building is fully used by the company


The Group moved its Hong Kong headquarters to "One Kowloon", a top grade commercial building developed by the Group


The Group's casual apparel brand, Jeanswest, opened its first retail outlet in Hong Kong