We have always made it our mission to provide quality products and services with high added value, putting an equal focus on pursuing business success and caring for the community. Glorious Sun Group has sailed through over 40 years, with Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd. being a publicly listed company for over 20 years. 

To stay competitive, the Group committed to being “Creative, Competitive and Adaptive”. All this time we strive to be an “enterprise of excellence”, which means excelling in brand, market, corporate culture, environment and employees. We believe that only by excelling in all these aspects can we bring the greatest benefit to our customers, shareholders, staff and the society at large.

Glorious Sun has kept persisting in constant innovation for over four decades.  We have created strategic advantages to comply with the needs from the society and the development of the market. The Group has undergone 4 transformations that brought  about its success today.

Throughout the years, the Group makes social responsibility one of the cornerstones of its business success.  We need to bring true benefits to our customers, shareholders, partners and the public. More importantly, we need to provide our staff with better income and a better work environment where they can learn and develop, so that they can benefit themselves and society at large.

As time going on, Glorious Sun has committed to on-going ‘breakthroughs’ and continued developing its unique corporate culture, pushing the Group and the society moving forward.

                                                                                                  Chairman, Glorious Sun Group

                                                                                                                      Dr. Charles Yeung