Financial investment and asset management are Glorious Sun’s key business segments. With prudent management and insight into market trends, the Group’s investment in corporate bonds has become a main source of stable income, adding strength to Glorious Sun’s long term development.

Smart Empire Asset Management Limited

Smart Empire Asset Management Limited (“SEAM”) became a wholly owned subsidiary of Glorious Sun Enterprises Limited (“GSE”) (Stock code 393.HK) since 2018. SEAM currently holds Type 4 & Type 9 regulated licenses issued by The Securities and Futures Commission.

Rooted in Hong Kong, with a global perspective, relying on our parent company (Glorious Sun Group)’s financial strength and the experienced investment research team, SEAM mainly assist our parent company to implement successful investment and wealth management strategy.

Looking forward, SEAM taking the core investment philosophy of “balanced investing”, we focus on developing innovative with high-quality investment products, to help our clients to build up the long-term investment portfolio. At the same time, we explore the new area and create value for our group company.