Promoting social moral, culture and fostering the development of the society are the Group’s long-term will. The Group supported the redevelopment of many Buddhist temples and institutes in the Greater China and the America, to foster the promotion of social moral education and traditional culture. Most notable projects include Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Toronto, the biggest Buddhist complex in Canada; Pushou Temple in Shanxi Province, China; Baizhang Temple, Dai Jin Shan Monastery, Putong Temple and Baoji Temple in Jiangxi Province; Erzu Temple in Anhui Province; Lin Yen Shan Temple in Taiwan; Aidao Temple, Yingtian Temple and Gatuo Temple in Sichuan Province; Hongyuan Temple in Guangdong Province; Foxin Temple in Xiamen.


Wu tai shan in Canada

Baoji Temple in Cao Shan

Foxin Temple in Xiamen