Jeanswest Primary Schools (Project Hope)

Since 1988, we have collaborated with Project Hope, a Chinese public service project organized by the China Youth Development Foundation and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, to build “Jeanswest Primary Schools (Project Hope)” in 29 provinces and regions such as Sichuan, Gansu, Hunan and Jiangxi.  A total of 37 Jeanswest Primary Schools (Project Hope) have been built.  This has greatly improved the learning conditions for tens of thousands of children in impoverished regions.

Jeanswest University Fund

In 2005, Jeanswest joined hands with Project Hope to found the Jeanswest University Fund, with the aim to provide assistance to outstanding university students who are financially in need in Mainland China. To date, the Jeanswest University Fund benefits over 10,000 students with total funding 36 million dollars.  While enabling them to complete tertiary education, the Fund also fosters awareness for voluntary services and contributions to society among university students.

Jeanswest Teachers Scheme (Project Hope)

Glorious Sun collaborated with the China Youth Development Foundation and launched Jeanswest Teachers Scheme (Project Hope) in 2007.  Outstanding university graduates are sponsored to undertake one year’s service at one of the Project Hope Schools.  By improving the teaching quality and growth potential of these schools, the Scheme strives to contribute to China’s education development at large.