What sets Glorious Sun apart from other companies is its strong corporate culture – the “Glorious Sun Culture”. This is a set of unique values that integrate the strengths of both western-style management and oriental culture.

Guided by the principle of “Prudence, Balance & Persistence”, the Group has achieved its success by being Creative, Competitive and Adaptive.



The "Glorious Sun Culture" provides direction for members of the Group in work and in life. It embraces three core ideas:

I. Enterprise of Excellence

The Group believes that only by excelling in 5 aspects can an enterprise face up to adversity. These "Five Excellences" mean excellence in Brand, Market, Corporate Culture, Environment and Systems, and Employees.

II. Commitment-based Enterprise

Duties and goals are set by mutual agreement between the staff and their supervisors. Goals are then achieved with a strong commitment to effective planning and execution. Regular evaluation and a fair reward system build a sense of ownership and belonging for staff members

III. Community-based Management

A community spirit flourishes in Glorious Sun Group. Apart from work, staff members care for one another and work together to seek greater benefit for all. While each staff has a willingness to serve, the whole company is a dynamic community and is integrated like a big family.