Financial Manager

Job responsibilities: Assist to supervise the financial accounting and other related work of the subordinate branches.


1. Supervise the financial accounting work of the branch; To supervise the company’s expenses;

2. Prepare financial budget and cash flow forecast;

3. Responsible for retail business data analysis, evaluation and forecast.

Job Requirements:

At least 1.5 years of financial/accounting experience, intermediate accountant, proficient in accounting entry and accounting skills, retail business experience is preferred;

2. This position requires frequent business trips.

Contact human Resources to apply for the following positions:

Telephone: 0752 — 8498777, 8225777

Fax: 0752 — 8225800

Email address:

Location: China Headquarters building of Rising Sun Group, Chrysanthemum First Road, Yunshan, Jiangbei, Huizhou, Guangdong province