Our excellent team of staff has driven the success of Glorious Sun Group. In the rapidly changing market, we realize the need to help our staff grow, so as to help the company grow.

We invest plenty of resources in staff training in different aspects. Every staff member has to complete a specified number of training hours. Supervisors would assess staff members’ training needs during annual performance appraisals.

Work skills training:

Frontline sales staff receives regular training on sales and conversational techniques to enhance their customer servicing skills in shops.

Leadership training:

Back office staff receives training on management skills, interpersonal skills, efficiency improvement, corporate culture, etc. to enhance their soft skills as well as hard skills.

Topical training:

Topical training is tailor-made for specific periods or locations, such as talks on China’s national condition, China law, etc.

Personal development:

The Group provides ample opportunities for career advancement and development. Every year a fair number of staff would receive recommendation for promotion. Distinguished frontline staff would receive “Best Shop Manager of the Year Award” and “Best Salesperson of the Year Award” as recognition from the company.